Winner of the

Last week we asked HNN readers to define humanism on Twitter using less than 140 characters. We were overwhelmed by the number of creative, funny, and very succinct submissions! (We know it can be difficult to explain humanism in just a few words!)


But one stood out above the rest for its simplicity and feel-goodness:!/NathanDunbar/status/114773844803321856

Thank you again, @NathanDunbar! Send your mailing address to and we’ll send you a “Random Freethought Book” from the AHA library!

Thanks again to everyone who participated! Check out the Tweets below and let us know your favorites in the comments section!!/JonathanMiner/status/114909169169084416!/volunteersbb/status/114895220893687808!/LogicalObserver/status/114889152146841600!/Riddle_Of_Steel/status/114848451581329409!/TheHoldenMyOwn/status/114808919016226816!/humanist_steve/status/114808855640276992!/laynagrassi/status/114801127740022784!/OSOPHER/status/114783683612909569


You can find more here:!/search/%23humanism