Infosnacking with The Friendly Atheist

A weekly digest of atheist-related news and commentary by Hemant Mehta, adapted from his blog "The Friendly Atheist."For HumanistNetworkNews.orgJune 17, 2009 Books about gay people: burn them! A conservative Christian group found out that a... Read More

Attorney General Turns Into a Preacher

COLUMN BY TERRY SANDERSON June 17, 2009 In a week that Britain elected two fascists to represent it in the European Parliament there's plenty to be depressed about. We can do little to relieve the... Read More

The Harper Government Fails the Human Rights Test Again

COLUMN By DOUG THOMAS For June 17, 2009 Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada ordered Stephen Harper's Government to allow Abdul Razik, a dual Canadian-Sudanese citizen, to return to Canada after an inappropriate six-year... Read More

Letters to the Editor

HNN Readers React June 17, 2009Send a Letter to HNN, Call HNN To send a letter to HNN, look for "Letter to the Editor" link in the small box in the upper right-hand corner... Read More

Cathartic Comics

June 10, 2009Freethunk! Comics and humor for freethinkers and potential freethinkers.You're not crazy, they are!COPYRIGHT JEFF SWENSON Big Fat Whale COPYRIGHT BRIAN McFADDEN The Boiling Point aka Mikhaela's Political CartoonsCOPYRIGHT MIKHAELA B. REID Cectic A... Read More

Letters to the Editor

June 10, 2009 Are humanists a happy or a miserable lot? HNN readers react to Doug Thomas' column: (Re: Why Do Humanists Seem so Unhappy?, Humanist Network News, May 13, 2009.) I have noted the... Read More