Uganda Passes Stricter Anti-LGBT Laws

by Nicklas Jansler

Hatred and fear of homosexuality has become more aggressive and normalized in many African countries, and for the second time this month, an African... Read More

Speaking of Sex An interview with psychologist Christopher Ryan, co-author of the New York Times bestseller Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality

by Barry F. Seidman and Arnell Dowret

Christopher Ryan received a BA in English and American literature from Saybrook University in San Francisco, California, in 1984 and returned twenty years later... Read More

What Next for Gay Marriage?

by Kenneth W. Krause

Voters here in Wisconsin passed a ban on same-sex marriage in the fall of 2006. The following morning, I thoughtlessly tried to console a... Read More

Plato, Romance, and Self-Inquiry

by John Bardi

If philosophy has all along proclaimed the unexamined life to be not worth living, it seems not yet to have grasped that the unloving... Read More

Chipping Away at the Bench How we failed the judiciary in Iowa

by Amanda Knief

Voter anger took a new form as the results of Iowa’s November 2010 midterm elections were revealed. In a real-life twist that would make... Read More