Secular Gods

by Michael Werner

Is there anything we humans love that doesn’t have a downside? I don’t think so. Since the Enlightenment, naturalists have sought nonreligious, rational answers... Read More

Plato, Romance, and Self-Inquiry

by John Bardi

If philosophy has all along proclaimed the unexamined life to be not worth living, it seems not yet to have grasped that the unloving... Read More

The Convictions of a Humanist

by Paul Kurtz

The great humanist lion, Paul Kurtz, was honored by the American Humanist Association on Saturday, June 9, 2007, at its annual conference in Portland,... Read More

A Humanist Manifesto Turns Seventy-Five

by Fred Edwords

Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany in January, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was inaugurated as president of the United States in March, Mohandas Gandhi... Read More

The Post-Theological Umbrella

by David Niose

Surely one of the biggest barriers keeping humanism from being a more prominent force in the United States is its nontheistic character. Two relevant... Read More