FIRST PERSON | Helping Hands

Like many nonbelievers, I’m an apostate Christian. I grew up in an evangelical church, little hands clasped in prayer. In my early twenties I put religious faith behind me; I was reading too many books... Read More

FIRST PERSON | Nietzsche in New Guinea

Before I converted to Christian fundamentalism as a young man, the only philosophers I recall having any familiarity with were Bertrand Russell and Immanuel Kant. My introduction to Kant came from Ms. Emily, the librarian... Read More

FIRST PERSON | Who Moved My Child?

In 1998 Dr. Spencer Johnson published a small book titled, Who Moved My Cheese? Simply written, the book was meant to guide and support individuals who were going through unanticipated and unsettling transitions in their... Read More

FIRST PERSON | Remission

Remission is possible. However, there really is no cure.” Any patient hearing these words feels upset, frightened, and bewildered as processing such information is difficult.  Helplessness and even thoughts of “why me?” move through the... Read More