Religious Nationalism A Weapon of Mass Destruction

It is hard to believe that the conflicts currently ravaging the Middle East could get much worse, yet the refusal of numerous parties to make substantive compromises on key issues is increasingly likely to lead... Read More

The Interstellar Stakes Against God Global Warming Hardly a Ringing Endorsement for an Architect

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Who Deserves Compassion?

Considerations on the Eve of a Terrorist’s Trial The trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is scheduled to begin in January, a year and nine months after the then nineteen-year-old lay bleeding in a stranger’s boat in... Read More

ISIS and Khorasan A Humanist Perspective

ISIS, the new Islamic state that took over much of northern Iraq and northeastern Syria this past summer, directly threatens the existing states in the region. We’ve since learned of Khorasan, a splinter group of... Read More