The Humanevangelist: Have a Little Faith

In line with the apocryphal Chinese curse, we live in interesting times. Mutually assured destruction having allowed us to squeak through the Cold War, we now face climate catastrophe‑but with a tragic inversion of incentives.... Read More

The Lone Humanist One Man’s Struggle to Save Humanity By Defending the Prairie

America’s belief in climate change can be as fickle as the weather. Every time a heat wave or violent storm strikes, the polls register a rise in acceptance. Whenever it snows, every denier crows. The... Read More

After Fukushima

This past March was a great time to invest in gas masks. Or machetes. These, along with iodine tablets, were among the many items Californians rushed to buy in response to the crisis at the... Read More

Defusing the Neuron Bomb

On learning that the suspect aboard Northwest Flight 235 on Christmas Day was a young Nigerian born to privilege and wealth, I again thought of a girl I once knew—I’ll call her Alice Kim. When... Read More