Cathartic Comics assortment of cartoons and comic strips about humanism, atheism, religion, science and freethought. June 17, 2009 Freethunk! Comics and humor for freethinkers... Read More

Infosnacking with The Friendly Atheist

A weekly digest of atheist-related news and commentary by Hemant Mehta, adapted from his blog "The Friendly Atheist."For HumanistNetworkNews.orgJune 17, 2009 Books about gay... Read More

Letters to the Editor

HNN Readers React June 17, 2009Send a Letter to HNN, Call HNN To send a letter to HNN, look for "Letter to the... Read More

Karma, Dharma, Pudding & Pie

by Barry Klassel

“Karma, dharma, pudding, and pie...” isn’t exactly how we remember the line read to us in our tender years. But then, nursery rhymes are... Read More

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