The Benefits of Video Games


One element of modern life that can use a splash of rationalism is the effects that video games can have on children. It is... Read More

Meet the AHA Staff: Brian Magee


Meet Brian Magee, the American Humanist Association’s new communications associate! Brian hosted an atheist radio show in Fargo, North Dakota (where he was also... Read More

Friendly Atheist: I Don


A Christian teacher at a public high school wrote about her anti-gay-rights bigotry on Facebook and people are calling for her to be fired.... Read More

Humanist Voices in Verse


This week, we are featuring the poems of Daniel Thomas Moran, poetry editor for Humanist Network News. Daniel Thomas Moran served as Poet Laureate... Read More

The Comics Section


This week we’re featuring comics from That’s Not Logic by Eric Hedman!  

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