Extreme Whether

by David Swanson

When my dad, Neil Swanson, goes to rallies against the tar sands pipeline, people rush up to him and thank him for everything he’s... Read More

High-Stakes Test The Supreme Court and the Future of Church-State Separation

by Rob Boston

The name Alton Lemon may not ring any bells for you, but it should. Lemon, who died on May 4 at age eighty-four, was... Read More

The Lone Humanist One Man’s Struggle to Save Humanity By Defending the Prairie

by Clay Farris Naff

America’s belief in climate change can be as fickle as the weather. Every time a heat wave or violent storm strikes, the polls register... Read More

Science of the Inconceivable

by Charles Creekmore

Imagine yourself on the south rim of the Grand Canyon and feel the natural power, pulsing through everything. The pulse is out there in... Read More

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