Isaac Newton Found in Tofu

It was a typical Saturday evening for American Humanist Association staffer Meghan Hamilton. “I had just finished nursing abandoned baby rabbits back to health and decided that I, too, was quite hungry.” After rummaging through her kitchen pantry, her search came to a halt when she opened the refrigerator.

“I was somehow compelled to cook tofu, even though I wasn’t sure I even wanted it,” Hamilton recalled. Following her gut, she decided to go for the soybean snack. “When I opened the package there was a clear, indisputable image of Isaac Newton imbedded in the curd. I was shocked, but I was still hungry,” she acknowledged. “I figured the image would disappear if I fried the tofu. I was wrong.”

Hamilton says the incident changed everything. She now considers herself a devout Isaac Newtonian.

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