Secular Scandal: Head Humanist Caught Praying!

On Monday, the leader of one of the largest nontheist organizations in the United States was caught praying to God. Roy Speckhardt, who has served as executive director for the American Humanist Association for the past eight years and identifies as a humanist, was remorseful in
his statement.

“It was a moment of weakness,” Speckhardt lamented after one of his staff entered his office and found him on his knees, hands raised palm to palm. “It’s just that I really, really want  the Washington Capitals to win the Stanley Cup–I’ve wanted it to happen for a long time so I just thought, what do I have to lose? And I got down on my knees and asked for it. Unfortunately, that’s when Meghan walked in.”

Meghan Hamilton, AHA executive assistant who witnessed the scene commented, “It was shocking. I came very close to losing my tofu lunch.”

No word yet on whether disciplinary action will be taken. Meanwhile, the National Hockey League season continues.

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