Humanist Performance Anxiety

by Greta Christina

Does this ever happen to you? I have this set of humanist values, and chief among them is the notion that since I only... Read More

Whose Fault Is the Human Condition?

by Dr. Stanley Rice

There is a famous story about an essay contest in England in 1910. The topic was, “What is wrong with the world?” The British... Read More

An All-Natural Faith

by John R. Shook

Participating in the first Sunday Assembly in Washington, DC, this past November was a delightful and inspiring experience. My little talk in the midst... Read More

Coffee and Gunpowder

by Ralph R. Reiland

This past October a petition appeared at my neighborhood Starbucks concerning the government shutdown. Starbucks Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz said he was circulating... Read More

The Church of the Greater Solipsism

by Michael Werner

Much of the secular world has focused on problems of traditional organized authoritarian religion, but has had little concern for the equally problematic modern... Read More

The Humanist Interview with Hemley Gonzalez

by Mike Kuhlenbeck

Hemley Gonzalez is revolutionizing humanitarian efforts with Responsible Charity, a nonprofit humanist organization he founded in 2009 that is making strides in “education, planned... Read More

The Oprah-Nyad Affair How Do Atheists Experience Wonder and Awe?

by Ryan T. Cragun

Atheists have one thing in common: they lack a belief in any god. But that commonality tells us very little about what they do... Read More

Grinch or Greater Good The War on the Humanist Image

by James H. English

As the holiday season got into full swing, the American Humanist Association (AHA) took some heat from the religious right for blocking a public... Read More