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  1. Morgan says:

    Beautifully written. Thank you.

  2. Thenagle5 says:

    Just read this in the magazine at my local library…thank you for articulating the conflict that has filled my entire life. I’ve never heard anyone describe so accurately how I struggle.

  3. Guest says:

    You and Elizabeth Warren have now replaced Susan Hayward as my crush du jour.

    More seriously, nice article. Thanks much.

  4. ProudHumanist says:

    I just had time to read this article and I was in tears a good part of the time. You described my life, particularly the part about the particular set of beliefs you inherit just because of the group you were born into. I’ve tried to explain this to my family–and they continue to pray for me. Thank you for this positive article!

  5. onthewilderside says:

    Excellent, excellent speech Rebecca. Thank you for articulating the state of things with such clarity. I’m sharing this article with those in my circle of life.

  6. Sorosoria says:

    Wonderful article. I’m an atheist who has tried “to believe” but found myself being hypocritical to an absurd point. I found solace in many authors, many of them Jewish radicals like Freud, Arendt, Fromm, Amery…this has been my Confraternity, and it has been a sustaining one. Thank you for your article.

  7. Chipper says:

    I think most , and i use this word as a desciption only, “christians”, start off meaning well, but they are soon consumed with how much money they can  make. I have heard many times, “I’ve prayed about it, and I got called to a bigger church. It’s the lords will”. Bigger means more $$$$$$$. These people are the idiots of our society. I feel sorry for the peolple that believe their BS and give their last dollar, believing that it will buy them favors in the afterlife. The human race is a gullible bunch. Peace be with all of you whom are intelligent enough not to fall into those traps.

    • Carl H says:

      Chipper, what do you mean by “…….. believing that it will buy them favors in the afterlife.” You mean after death! There is no afterlife.

  8. ARL1 says:

    I do not believe any religion. Their is, and never has been, a god or gods or deities, these are all constructs of man’s lack of knowledge, education or understanding of ourselves and everything around us. 

    I am not an atheist as their is nothing to be opposite or opposed to ,so no need to pigeon hole me as contrary to nothing, something that does not exist.   


  9. Bernarusan says:

    A great acceptance speech from a great philosopher, mathematician and writer. I strongly recommend 36 Arguments… It’s the most human book I’ve read and the end will surprise many and will bring tears to most. Thanks for Gödel and Spinoza, also.