Humanism at The Chautauqua Institution

The Chautauqua Assembly was established in 1874 by two Methodists as a teaching camp for Sunday school teachers. Other Protestant denominations joined in (Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, and Baptist) and, in 1878, formed the Chautauqua Literary... Read More

From God Is to God Is a Concept

The earliest memories of my childhood, growing up in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia (I was born in 1977), encompassed two institutions: my nuclear family and the Black Baptist Church. Belief in an all-mighty, powerful, and merciful... Read More

Take Action: Register, Lead, Vote Early

The American Humanist Association (AHA) is excited to announce multiple separate and nonpartisan efforts that you can directly get involved in related to voting and voter registration. We’re proud to partner with organizations that have... Read More

Youth Deserve Safe, Inclusive Schools

Making investments in child safety, education, and mental well-being in a way that is based on science and reason has long been understood as a priority for humanists. Historically, the American Humanist Association (AHA) has... Read More

Commentary: Religion in Foreign Policy

Problems usually arise when a country applies religion to its foreign policy. United States foreign policy should always be secular. At the same time, we should learn about the religious and cultural beliefs of people... Read More

An Ode to Charles Darwin

In his lifetime, Charles Darwin wrote and revised a total of nineteen books. Essentially, he produced a new work or significantly updated text every two to three years. Starting in 1839 and ending in 1881,... Read More