It’s Not Just Evolution They’re Attacking The religious right has expanded its war on reason to include the science of climate change.

With Darwin Day approaching, now is a good time to point out that there is more to the religious right’s attacks on science in the United States than just their attempts to suppress the teaching... Read More

Why Should Humanists Organize?

"What do you organized humanists do, and why should I care?" At the American Humanist Association, we sometimes receive variations of that pair of related yet distinct questions from Christians and humanists, critics and sympathizers... Read More

What Next for Gay Marriage?

Voters here in Wisconsin passed a ban on same-sex marriage in the fall of 2006. The following morning, I thoughtlessly tried to console a lesbian coworker by predicting a universal right to marry within a... Read More

Chipping Away at the Bench How we failed the judiciary in Iowa

Voter anger took a new form as the results of Iowa’s November 2010 midterm elections were revealed. In a real-life twist that would make any screenwriter envious, three of the seven Iowa Supreme Court justices—who... Read More

Coats before Christmas

It’s mid November, a cold, rainy one, with lower temperatures arriving earlier than we’d like. I work in the street selling newspapers. It’s a cold and wet job. But I like my job, I happen... Read More