A Crowded But Empty Tomb

Surely you heard the news earlier this year of the discovery (actually twenty-seven years ago) of what some claim is the tomb of Jesus and his family. According to the Discovery Channel documentary The Lost... Read More

Atheists of Color: A List

Popular atheist blogger Greta Christina compiles a list of prominent atheists and humanists of color—all working to elevate the freethought movement.This article first appeared on Greta Christina’s Blog; used with permission. So here it is,... Read More

Why Vegan Priorities are Humanist Priorities

In this short article, you—the enlightened and rational humanist—will suddenly realize the error of your carnivorous ways.  You carnivores, or “carnies,” are torturing animals for fun. Harsh?  True? Both yes. Just as we strive to... Read More

An Omnivorous Animal Agenda

We almost died. Our whole species. Between 90,000 and 60,000 years ago Homo sapiens sapiens went through a population bottleneck in which we were down to no more than 10,000 individuals and perhaps as few... Read More