An Omnivorous Animal Agenda

We almost died. Our whole species. Between 90,000 and 60,000 years ago Homo sapiens sapiens went through a population bottleneck in which we were down to no more than 10,000 individuals and perhaps as few... Read More

How Do We “Do” Humanism?

It seems we nontheists go by many names—atheist, secularist, freethinker, humanist, secular humanist, rationalist, agnostic, and so on—as if these differences actually mean something. I’ve heard people imply that there is some sort of ideological... Read More

A Bad Month for Atheists?

Following the January 8, 2011, mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona, that killed federal judge John Roll along with five others and injured fourteen people, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, I found myself, like many other... Read More

It’s Not Just Evolution They’re Attacking The religious right has expanded its war on reason to include the science of climate change.

With Darwin Day approaching, now is a good time to point out that there is more to the religious right’s attacks on science in the United States than just their attempts to suppress the teaching... Read More