Mutilation by Any Other Name

In an age of PSAs and the Vagina Monologues, many of us consider ourselves informed and educated about institutionalized female violence. “It happens over there,” we tell ourselves, pointing to remote locations on a map,... Read More


In his acceptance speech at the 69th annual conference of the American Humanist Association (which will be featured in these pages in the fall), Humanist of the Year Bill Nye remarked that if you’re someone... Read More

More Teachers in Trouble

Adapted from "The Friendly Atheist." It's hard enough being a teacher when your private life can come back to haunt you. It's happened to me before and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened again in... Read More

The Mystery of Evil and Suffering

If God is all-powerful and all-knowing, and if God is good, how can he allow evil and suffering to exist? Scholars know this question’s answer by the four-syllable name theodicy. The ancient Hebrews, those who... Read More