A Living Humanist Document

Shortly after my twentieth birthday I experienced the most intense unhappiness of my life.  While the experience was tremendously painful, something wonderful resulted from it. After confronting myself with questions such as: “Should I continue... Read More

Embryos: People or Property?

I don’t know many people who consider divorce fun or enjoyable. It is often a painful and tolling experience, in addition to the longer-term implications on the health and happiness of those involved. Children make... Read More

Disaster Relief: Can Humanism Fill the Gap?

Humanists are good at handling abstract philosophical questions, such as responding to the “god of the gaps” argument (that wherever there’s a gap in scientific knowledge, this is where God can become the answer). But... Read More

Aung San Suu Kyi: Fallen Hero

As a lifelong political nerd, most of my personal heroes have been politicians and political theorists. And while many of these figures have retained a place in my heart, one of them has shocked me... Read More