You Keep Using That Word…

“Systemic and institutional bias and privilege are, in my opinion, the current greatest threats to human progress…the betterment of the people around me and my desire to see more clearly the bias and privilege that... Read More

Separation of Church and Sanity

As secularists, we face a barrage of attacks from evangelicals, ranging from us being “un-American” to “Satanic” to everything in between. In a recent Washington Times piece, titled “The separation of church and insanity,” Larry... Read More

How Clarence Darrow Came Again to Dayton

Christian conservatives, despite their threats of protest, vandalism, and even violence, turned out to be a no-show. The hour-long ceremony the morning of July 14, 2017, unveiling a bronze statue of Clarence Darrow to stand... Read More

Pollution: A Weapon of Oppression

It’s no secret that pollution is a danger to our health. Air pollution, specifically, has been linked to asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart attack, diabetes, pulmonary cancer, birth defects, leukemia, and premature death.... Read More