Challenging Your Humanism

From time to time, there are events that challenge my humanism. When there’s a cluster of these events, it really gives me pause to think. The recent news of 700 Club host Pat Robertson’s death... Read More

A Global Humanism

As the American Humanist Association’s Center for Education celebrates its 5th birthday this year, we are also celebrating our growing partnerships within the Humanist Studies Program. For the Fall 2023 semester, the program will offer... Read More

Beyond Binary Thinking to “Yes, and”

Science, reason, and freethinking are highly valued by humanists and often are the focus of our communities’ writings and presentations. They’re how we make sense of and find meaning in a complicated world full of... Read More

Democracy’s Floor

The grave importance of local-level elections in your state can never be overstressed. Laws governing civil liberties and human rights, education, budgeting, insurance, transportation and urban planning, elections and government offices, gun violence—and funding for... Read More