Staff Submissions: Questions for Monday’s Presidential Debate

We asked staff at and the American Humanist Association to name one question they’d really like to see asked in Monday’s presidential debate.

When was America great? - Jan Melchior, Graphic Designer One of the biggest shifts in religious demographics in the US over the last generation has been the substantial growth of those who call themselves nonreligious. This group has gone from the single digits in the 1990s to about one-quarter of Americans today. What do you think the growth of the nonreligious sector means for the nation, and how should it affect government, politics, and public policy, if at all? - David Niose, Legal Director What is one policy position or idea proposed by your opponent that you think should become law? - Matthew Bulger, Legislative Associate One way or another, our society pays for the homeless, whether we have official programs and services for them or not. Therefore, what plans, if any, do you have for addressing homelessness in the United States? - Fred Edwords, Planned Giving Director What does the term "Black Lives Matter" mean to you, and what is your view of the growing number of groups that make up the modern civil rights movement for racial justice? - Sincere Kirabo, Social Justice Coordinator Would you pardon Chelsea Manning, and how would you uphold the rights of whistleblowers in the future? - Merrill Miller, Communications Associate To Mr. Trump: You implied that we could accomplish more as, "one people, under one God.” Which god is this, and what should happen to people who don't worship it? - Aiden Bissell-Siders, Communications Intern Many states have constitutional provisions banning use of state funds for the benefit of churches or church schools. The Supreme Court will be hearing a case this coming term attempting to overturn these limitations. What is your view? - Luis Granados, Director of Humanist Press What exactly do the first four words of the Second Amendment mean to you? - Jennifer Bardi, Editor in Chief, the HumanistTags: ,