Mark Dunbar

Mark Dunbar is a freelance writer based in Indianapolis. He can be reached by email at or on Twitter @Mark1Dunbar.

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TV Review: Reza Aslan’s Believer

The tone of Reza Aslan’s new television series Believer is a curious mixture of snobbishness and inclusivity. In it, the author and religious scholar immerses himself... Read More

Film Review: The Case for Christ

Since I started writing film reviews, I’ve done three on movies that could properly be labeled as “right-wing,” either in a religious or political... Read More

Film Review: The Shack

How bad is the scripture-based humor in The Shack, a film that hit theaters Friday and is being promoted as an uplifting spiritual journey? When... Read More

Book Review: Materialism

Both left- and right-wing intellectuals agree that metaphysical convictions (our ideas about the fundamentals of reality) have social and political implications. The former's reasons for... Read More

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