Mark Dunbar

Mark Dunbar is a freelance writer based in Indianapolis. He can be reached by email at or on Twitter @Mark1Dunbar.

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Why Read?

BOOK READERS must seem all the same to non-book readers. Just another hobby group, like soccer fans or bridge players. I experienced this prejudice... Read More

Kobe Bryant: A Tragedy

One of my most vivid childhood memories is of hating Kobe Bryant. I was a Sacramento Kings fan, and Sacramento was always losing to... Read More

Populists and Progressives

“Do you believe in a citizen’s right to gun ownership?” “I do.” “Do you believe that the life of an unborn child should be... Read More

The History of Philosophy

BY A.C. GRAYLING PENGUIN PRESS, 2019 704PP.; $35.00 If A.C. Grayling’s The History of Philo­sophy were a river, it would be shallow with a... Read More