Michael Werner

Michael Werner is past president of the American Humanist Association and currently a member of the AHA chapter, Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear.

Posts by Michael Werner

What Will Be Human in the Future?

What does it mean to be human? As it relates to artificial intelligence (AI), this important question has been explored in science fiction films... Read More

Sex: Our Wonderful Gift

I GREW UP in a time before there was any sex education and when people only spoke of sex in hushed terms around children.... Read More

Let’s Celebrate!

I NEVER WANTED TO BE A HUMANIST CELEBRANT until John Forwalter died. John was president of our local humanist chapter, and when he died... Read More

Remaking Ourselves

HUMANISM HAS FAILED. This election has shown how our values were repudiated by many Americans in national, state, and local elections. There is still... Read More

Get Savvy for My Grandmother

With the new presidential administration and a Republican majority in Congress, I think we can all expect a reinvigorated attack on abortion access, so... Read More

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