The Humanist Hour #79: The Evolution of Comedy

A new episode of the Humanist Hour is available for listening. Keep reading to find out about the guests on this month’s show.

In this month’s podcast, Todd and Jes speak with comedians Ian Harris and Jason Resler about their show, the Evolution of Comedy: Intelligently Designed Humor.

Evolution of Comedy

America’s Top rationalist comedians delivering scathing commentary on taboo subjects such as religion and politics, skewering commonly held beliefs, myths, and superstitions. If you are a fan of ‘reason’ you will need no other to love this show!

Ian Harris

Originally a San Francisco Bay Area comic, was a top headliner for years, touring nationally as well as a staple on the L.A. comedy scene, winner of many major comedy competitions, seen on Comedy Central. He was on several Top 100 Comeidans lists, ranking as high as #25, before moving into writing and directing films and music videos for the past 6 years. Ian will be taping his first hour special in December 2012, (coinciding with the much publicized Mayan Apocalypse) called Ian Harris: Live From The Apocalypse. A skeptic take on religion and common beliefs, the show promises to be very charged and cutting edge.

Jason Resler

For a father of two, decorated veteran of Desert Storm and avid baseball fan, Jason is often as dark as a comedian can be, with a sharp tongue and hard edge. Another of the comedians on The Evolution of Comedy Tour, Jason also has been headlining nationally for years and was ranked on Entertainment Journal’s Top 100 comedians twice! Jason’s CD is also a regular on RawDog Radio on SiriusXM. Jason can deliver dead-pan cynicism, one-liners and harsh social commentary.

Maurice Northup

Born on a remote island, Maurice traveled the world too young to appreciate it and gained wisdom too late to use it. Relegated to the abyss of comedy, he is honored to be part of a project with veteran comics that are among the strongest cutting edge voices of reason and truth working clubs today.

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