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  1. Guest says:

    Good article. The incoherency of the OWS movement and its objectives doom it to ineffectiveness.

    However, I must question your assertion that “[i]ncreasing the top income tax brackets and capital gains taxes would be a good and actually fairly simple place to start.” To start what? Fixing financial inequality? That’s absurd. If you mean fixing the monumental and burgeoning federal deficit, perhaps, but drastically cutting expenditures would help more.

    • FJHowell says:

      How would raising capital gains taxes not help fix financial inequality? If you did that, you’d increase the effective tax rate of many wealthy people so that it might start to approach the higher effective rate the middle class pays (since they’re making most of their income off of wages as opposed to capital gains).

  2. Jimbob says:

    The OWS group might consider renaming itself the SEA party — as in Stupidity Enough Already!  The points above can be condensed into the first of three major SEA party manifesto items:

    1.  End of the golden rule (those who have the gold make all the rules).

    2.  Evidence and rationality instead of ideology and superstition (or as Fareed Zacharia put it “the theocratic approach to politics”)

    3.  A limit on filibusters (both sides have used them to exert the “tyranny of the minority.”  Maybe the Senate could learn from line call challenge limits in tennis!).

  3. Bernie says:

    They want jobs; jobs that pay a decent wage so they can live a decent life and save for a decent retirement.

    Politicians that represented the people they’re supposed to represent instead of the people that bribe them would be quite nice too.

    They want things that are so simple that it beggars belief that they have to be explained.

  4. OMG Crackers says:

    Hey Well this doesnt tell me what they want im reading and it sounds like they dont know they think they can have no drive and get what they want. the problem they should attack is how the gevorment has to much control we came to this country to have freedom of speach but honest to god where can i go and and say “F U” to a cop not sure why i would do this randomly but but its the idea that you cant say what you will with out getting in trouble with the govorment heck you cant even protest with out some sort of political power beating you maybe not some much now but ya. then you get the point im seeing is how rasing the min wage why not lowing the cost of living but getting control on the gas cuz gas is the cause of the world money mess up im mean really the gov thinks rising stuff will fix it no lowering and cuting at tips that are out of control aka huge companies. also to get the rich to pich in a little cash by putting 1m into a saving and make intrest and us it for the debt not make the people with no money pay its odd why take money from the low income and not so much from rich you should fix it so rich pay a lot more in tax and not low income i could go on but i may of some of my points not completly correct but its how i feel so if people want money they got to lower the cost not increase the cost.