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  1. Sirius2usa says:

    A comprehensive expose of what ails the nation.  I have posted reference to this link on the humanist forum in which I participate and would urge every reader of this to distribute references to this excellent analysis of our nation’s financial woes.  

    • Jarvisbint says:

      This “Corporations or People?” article  is what everybody Occupy protester should read, memorize and distribute.

  2. Guest says:

    Generally, I agree with your description of what has occurred. However, both political parties are responsible because both have endowed their benefactors (big corporations and the wealthy) with favorable legislation, lack of regulatory oversight, and financial bailouts. Please don’t think corporatist Democrats like Clinton and Obama are much different than your average Republican when it comes to doing businesses’ bidding.

    I also guess you’re not a big fan of free markets, particularly when it comes to labor markets. Nevertheless, I would agree the weakening of unionism has not been beneficial to the average worker, and that labor should be on a more equal footing with capital. I wouldn’t extend union power to the public sector though. The problem there is the folks that have to foot the bill (the taxpayers) are not well represented at the bargaining table; most politicians being essentially weasels that don’t truly protect taxpayer interests once elected.

    “Meanwhile, the analysts noted, increases in the unemployment rate caused ‘euphoria’ in the bond market….” Shame on you for implying the bond boys are so hard hearted. When unemployment rises, it indicates a bad economy and investors flock to bonds because they’re safer than stocks. As demand for bonds increases, their prices rise. That’s free markets, not schadenfreude.

  3. TheFirstEqual says:

    Fantastic article. This should be more widely distributed and discussed. It fits perfectly with the equalize-now movement.

  4. texasjo says:

    Sounds like a democratic progressive wrote this…which most are in our education system. Especially in Oregon…ha…consider the source. IBM was good to me. I had someone with a master’s degree working for me, and I didn’t even graduate. I had four years of college, but needed one credit…sooo…because I passed the entrance tests, I won!