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  1. Guest says:

    Amanda is the best!

  2. Joanhultin says:

    Having the courage to act on your beliefs shows phenominal strength; whether those beliefs originate from: a religious, environmentalist, political or what have you “basis”!  Many of us only choose not to rock the boat or step forward. Although I am not of the same beliefs as you, I do want to commend you for taking a stand, being pro-active and staying within the laws of civil disobedience. You have my respect!
    love you, Joan H

  3. Greenpsych says:

    Good article! 

  4. advancedatheist says:

    Give it up on trying to legitimize the Occupy hoax, guys. It showed a lack of intelligence and rational thinking from the beginning, and its own framing doomed it when the young men involved realized their mistake in advertising their loser status to the world, and in generating the mockery of more successful men. Young men generally hate it when their elders and betters humiliate them and question their virility. The male Occupiers might as well have identified themselves as an organization of 20- and 30-something male virgins.

    The Occupy movement also makes the case for eliminating college majors in imaginary and useless subjects like gender and ethnic studies. I didn’t see many East Asians in the Occupy camps because the ones who go to American colleges generally have the sense to major in practical subjects which make them employable.

  5. Guest says:

    “Perhaps the OWS movement is the trigger Americans need to get active and make their elected officials responsible to them.”

    Perhaps they could take some lessons from the Tea Party on how to make things happen. So far the OWS movement hasn’t shown a bit of political savvy.