Lefties Left behind in Oklahoma

Last Tuesday, NBC affiliate KFOR reported that a pre-K teacher at Oakes Elementary School in Okemah, Oklahoma, forced four-year-old student Zayde Sands to write with his right hand instead of his left hand. According to... Read More

The Founding Millennials

Millennials–those of us born roughly between 1982 and the mid-2000s–are on the cusp of taking the reins of government. How will America handle it? That was the topic of conversation last Thursday in Washington, DC,... Read More

Planned Pan of Planned Parenthood Conservative politicians jump on smear campaign of health provider

Planned Parenthood has never been a stranger to haters and politicians on the conservative Christian right. Recently, one group made a bold yet unsurprising move in an effort to destroy Planned Parenthood’s image amongst it... Read More