4 Responses

  1. Guest says:

    Great article! Couldn’t agree more. Did I hear someone say “Ron Paul 2012”? 😉

  2. Humanstruggle says:

    Sure, lets give “Mr All White Lunch Counter” the presidency. We don’t need the Department of Education, because we are keeping pace with the rest of the industrialized world. We don’t need assistance to the poor, because the poverty rate is going down.. right? The fact that Ron Paul is getting support in the year 2012 is a disgrace.

  3. Michael R says:

    No mention of China and trade? Scaling down the US military when its trade is scaling up the Chinese military is suicide and not going to happen. Trade is the path to peace, and we should only trade with trustworthy nations. The USA is thoroughly sick of war and would be headed for a prolonged period of isolationism if not for its ill-directed trade dollars. Getting the US economy back on track is now a matter of national and global security, lest it soon be ruled by a China hungry for space and with no-one to stop it.

  4. Terri Lynn Sullivan says:

    Michael R….who says china is “scaling up” it’s military? Fox News or otherwise? And why would it matter? China spends far less than USA per capita on military with 3x the population. Just another false threat in our media (ditto with Iran) to fuel more war profit at expense of our nation. Not saying Ron Paul is answer either….truth is, we don’t have a decent candidate. Local issues remain critical (schools across nation etc) The policymakers in Washington are corrupt cronies working with Wall Streets financial weapons of mass destruction