Don’t Be Mean to 13

BOOK BY DOUGLAS HARRIS LABEL FREE PUBLISHING, 2023 While helping his daughter Elle write Elle the Humanist (a child’s story about being nonreligious and confidently sharing your beliefs and values with friends), Doug Harris read... Read More

The Fundamentals

BOOK BY LYDIA GORDON The Fundamentals, by Lydia Gordon, explores the influence of fundamentalist religion on a small-town community, told through the perspectives of three women. Alexa Moss is a humanist, an architect, and a... Read More

Behaving Decently: Kurt Vonnegut’s Humanism

BOOK BY WAYNE LAUFERT HUMANIST PRESS, 2022 In Kurt Vonnegut’s most famous novel, Slaughterhouse-Five (1969), the protagonist, Billy Pilgrim, has become “unstuck in time,” moving uncontrollably between various periods and places in his life—primarily three:... Read More

On Death, Dying, and Disbelief

BOOK BY CANDACE GORHAM PITCHSTONE PUBLISHING, 2021 As humans, most of us—especially after the last couple of pandemic years—have experienced the loss of a loved one. As humanists, we know how difficult it can be... Read More