The Selected Letters of Ralph Ellison

EDITED BY JOHN F. CALLAHAN AND MARC C. CONNER RANDOM HOUSE, 2019 1060 PP.; $50.00 Reviewing a collection of letters by a writer can be a tricky business. The style, themes, and insights that distinguish... Read More

Outgrowing God: A Beginner’s Guide

BY RICHARD DAWKINS RANDOM HOUSE, 2019 304PP., $27.00 Richard Dawkins was raised Christian, attended Christian schools, and was confirmed in the Church of England when he was thirteen years old. Yet, by the age of... Read More

The History of Philosophy

BY A.C. GRAYLING PENGUIN PRESS, 2019 704PP.; $35.00 If A.C. Grayling’s The History of Philo­sophy were a river, it would be shallow with a strong current. Traveling down it, you’d have little to see and... Read More

The Testaments

BY MARGARET ATWOOD NAN A. TALESE, 2019 432 PP.; $28.95 [Mild spoiler alert: this review contains plot details of the book.] During the torture session conducted by the Big Brother interrogator O’Brien in George Orwell’s... Read More