Believe Racial Justice is Possible

JUST ABOUT EVERYONE working on antiracism today is frustrated. The country as a whole—black, white, liberal, and conservative—has descended a staircase of despair, apathetic or exhausted from trying to motivate positive change. Professional antiracism has... Read More

Think Denmark

“The good life is one guided by reason and motivated by love.” —Bertrand Russell We all know that discourse in the United States today is ugly, as civility has been replaced by bitter reactive battles.... Read More

Not so Fast Cultural Evolution in the Twenty-First Century

Evolution can be brutal. Our ancestors who survived for millions of years on the African veldt endowed us with tools for survival and reproduction. Some of these ancient drives serve us well today in our... Read More

Our Pragmatist Tradition

A college student recently asked me, “How do you humanists know what’s true?” It’s an honest question, not given to simple answers. While individual humanists hold many theories of what’s true, the humanist tradition has... Read More

The Danger of Scientism

I’ve been surprised at how many people I’ve met in the secular movement who dismiss fiction, saying they’re only interested in reading nonfiction and, more specifically, important scientific books. For their part, some of the... Read More