Domestic Violence during the Pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, there have been legitimate concerns about potential increases in domestic violence. When states started considering a shelter in place order, many domestic violence shelters and support programs were worried about families being... Read More

Unpacking the “AAPI” Umbrella

With growing news coverage of the surge in anti-Asian hate, there’s one term that we’ve seen over and over again: AAPI. The acronym, which stands for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, is an all-encompassing one,... Read More

Inside the Walls: Humanism in Prison

I never had more time to read since I've been in prison. I've always enjoyed reading, but I used to be too busy with work, home maintenance and spending time with my family. Here, we... Read More

365 Days of Mubarak Bala’s Imprisonment

One entire year without justice, without communication, without rights ensured, without seeing family or friends. One year imprisoned without charges. Today marks the anniversary of the arrest and subsequent illegal detention of Mubarak Bala, President... Read More