Rise of the Party of Nones

In an article published at Slate last week, Ruth Graham speculates how the Christian Left could be poised to help Democrats take the mantle from the Republicans as the party of God. The mantra that... Read More

2016 Humanism

THE RISING TIDE OF NONRELIGIOUS people in the United States is accompanied by an intense focus on the “New Atheism,” which, rightly or wrongly, is critiqued as being not vocal enough or downright anti-progressive when... Read More

The Myth of Transracial Identity

Ninety years ago, writer Carl Van Vechten published a novel intended to be a celebration of Harlem, which at the time was experiencing a budding literary, artistic, and intellectual movement that sparked a new cultural... Read More

Money (Not God) on Their Minds Study finds today’s college freshman are financially motivated, good without God, and ready to rally

A study released in February by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles found that today’s incoming college students are more likely to join student-led protests than at almost any... Read More