Natural Disasters & the Humanist Response At Foundation Beyond Belief, Recovery Is a Human Rights Issue

LAST FALL THE UNITED STATES and the Caribbean were battered by three devastating, record-breaking hurricanes—Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, Irma in the Caribbean and Florida, and Maria in Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands. The... Read More

Exorcising the Ghosts of the Sixties Radical Protests, the New Left, and the “Politics of Eternity”

"I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND how anybody could rebel against a system so clearly benign." That authorial “I” was John Updike in his self-deluding memoir, Self-Consciousness; the rebels he was referring to were fed-up blacks, middle-class... Read More

White Privilege and Humanist Leadership

As progressives, humanists are a feisty, opinionated lot. My new book, The Best of the Humanist: 
Humanist Philosophy 1928–1973, shows this to be true from the beginning of the movement. For example, a contested question... Read More