The Humanist Hour #206: Alix Jules on the Politics of Racial Resentment

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The 2016 U.S. presidential election has turned into something that wasn’t supposed to be able to happen anymore. We’re supposed to be past this kind of open racism, yet here we are. So much for living in a “post-racial” America.

Alix Jules is a secular activist, writer, and sometimes co-host on Dogma Debate. He’s also on the advisory council of American Humanist Association’s Black Humanist Alliance. This week, he joins us to talk about the politics of racial resentment. We’ll talk about Alix’s visit to a Trump rally, but acknowledge that racial resentment reaches far beyond one party or candidate. We’ll also discuss Alix’s experience trying to talk about racial issues within the secular movement.

Please be aware that the final segment of the show contains mention of a racial slur.

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