LGBTQ Students Can’t Be Dismissed New GLSEN Report Shows Discrimination Persists

The recent court rulings in favor of same-sex marriage have led many to believe that things are finally looking up for the LGBTQ community. But this week, the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)... Read More

Don’t Be a Dick’s

When twelve-year-old McKenna Peterson wrote to Dick’s Sporting Goods complaining that no women were represented as athletes in their basketball catalog, she was pointing out the obvious: Forty-two years after the other Dick signed Title... Read More

What We’re Learning from the Pledge Kids Critical thinking is often met with hostility in American schools

The American Humanist Association’s Don’t Say the Pledge campaign, which encourages a boycott of the Pledge of Allegiance until the “under God” wording is removed, has revealed a troubling phenomenon in American public schools, a... Read More