9/11 Unity Walk Welcomes Humanists

On a gloriously bright, hot day yesterday in Washington, DC, hundreds of people walked down Massachusetts Avenue visiting houses of worship along Embassy Row as part of the 9th annual 9/11 Unity Walk. The event... Read More

Don’t Boycott this Bus! Transporting voters on megachurch buses not a constitutional violation

“God damn it white people,” commenter sowhatiswhat2 railed on the blog Fortress America last Tuesday. “Get over the fact that people of color are just as human as you are and have as much of... Read More

Scratching Heads and Knitting Bricks Secularists continue to protest the 'Hobby Lobby' decision

“I think you’re just wasting your time out there,” the customer in line said to me yesterday as I waited  for coffee before heading to the Secular Coalition for America’s “Knit A Brick” march at... Read More