Bodily Liberty Rights for Nonhuman Animals

Humans and chimpanzees share almost 99 percent of their DNA. Chimpanzees demonstrate purposeful communication, understanding of symbols, imagination, and even humor. Like humans, chimpanzees are autonomous and self-determining beings. They recall their past and anticipate... Read More

Happy Darwin Day!

According to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection, species change gradually over long periods of time until eventually a new species is formed. Sometimes, social change and acceptance can feel just as slow... Read More

What Does Hitler Have to Do with Evolution? Creation Summit’s Attempt to Legitimize Creationism Falls on Deaf Ears

Ever since John Scopes' last stand, it seems creationists have been on the run. Frequently portrayed as flat-earth-believing science deniers, they’ve been forced into the academic shadows, fearful of a carpet-bombing by Richard Dawkins if... Read More