Leonardo Flies Home

  Leonardo Da Vinci, took his place across the tiny aisle from me, and buckled the belt of his seat. I was certain it was him. Too timid to speak, I listened as he told... Read More


[caption id="attachment_18103" align="alignright" width="250"] Hasui Japanese Woodblock Print Shimoda 1937[/caption] The moon’s a fat convict of the stick-stalk trees then escapes, a desperado loose in the yard, a bruising undresser of raw light, naked of... Read More

A Thanksgiving Prayer

We are grateful to be In a universe in which stars Are born and over time will die Giving forth the elements of everything. We are grateful to be On a planet orbiting a star... Read More

Answer Me

Tell me about the vines of leaves crawling this brick wall. Explain by way of calculus their seasonal change— I want to know, too, a formula for counting the uncountable leaves and one more especially... Read More

Born Again

Well then, it’s settled. There will be no death for you who have accepted fiction over fact and value culture over the cultivation of knowledge— which will go on separating the wheat from the chaff,... Read More

The Skeletons of Dreams

He found giants in the earth: Mastodon, Mylodon, thigh bones like tree trunks, Megatherium, skull big as boulders—once, in this savage country, treetops trembled at their passing. But their passing was silent as snails, silent... Read More