Little Room

So much you can learn from such a small space. Imagine Emily. Kant, too. it leads one to believe that to know one life truly is to know all lives really, and that to know... Read More


LAST BISON GONE Ours is the curse of the blighted touch that wilts every green shoot and flower we mean to admire, keep, re-create or improve. New Zealand’s huia bird, prized for her scimitar beak... Read More

The Sky, Full of Birds

Background chatter, the chink of spoons on china, music piped in. Outside, the sky a medley of soaring birds, on the streets people walking to work, sun shining through the window on my face.I’ve been... Read More


I. In the corner of the garden we found the perfect spot for the damask rose "Celsiana," but when we dug, we hit a boulder. I said, "Let's plant somewhere else." "No," she disagreed, "we'll... Read More