The Traveling Humanist: Russia

By Erin Williamson Russia may be one of the most misunderstood countries by Americans in the world. Only about 20 years removed from its status as the heart of the Soviet Union, Russia is still... Read More

Humanist Books for Your Reading List

Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions for Humanist Books for Your Reading List! Be sure to add any new titles below to your own reading list and deepen your education on humanism, atheism, and freethought.... Read More

How to Party Like a Humanist

It's no secret that we humanists enjoy a good party once in a while—that's why we invented holidays like HumanLight and Darwin Day! (Okay, there were other important reasons, but cake was definitely a factor.)... Read More

Six Humanist TV Shows You Should Watch

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Seven Great Humanist Films

Did you enjoy the last issue’s Humanist Anthems for your iPod Playlist? Thanks to you HNN readers for suggesting other songs to add to this growing list of humanist-themed music. In this week’s issue, we... Read More


LAST BISON GONE Ours is the curse of the blighted touch that wilts every green shoot and flower we mean to admire, keep, re-create or improve. New Zealand’s huia bird, prized for her scimitar beak... Read More