Meanwhile, at Google…

While government continues to hash out the same, tired issues grounded in individual versus collective rights, equality and what that entitles, and how to implement policies of distributive justice sans agreement and seldom making progress... Read More

Outlaw Humanism Embracing Uncertainty and the Flesh that Struggles to Be Seen

I'D LIKE TO THANK the American Humanist Association (Maggie Ardiente in particular) and Dr. Anthony B. Pinn for organizing the “Humanism and Race” panel at the 2015 AHA conference in Denver, Colorado, this past spring.... Read More

The Silent Polar Bear

Even now, I vividly remember my childhood visits to the zoo captivating me. Securely strapped in my stroller, I studied the animals firmly barred in their cages, so close I could almost reach out my... Read More

The Semantics of Happiness

"The quest for meaning is a key part of what makes us human," the researchers concluded. Printed in tasteful gray font in the subheading of an online Stanford News report, this sentence—and the article it... Read More