Preaching to the Nones How Two British Comedians Started a Popular Atheist Church (No Joke!)

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Regaining Balance The Evolution of the UUA

Humanism within the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has been on the decline for years. Indeed, the UUA has been on the decline itself after having been instrumental in the development of modern day humanism. What... Read More

The End

Editor's note: this article deals with end-of-life care and dying with dignity. Click here for additional material on this sensitive issue. We sat hip to hip on the family room sofa that day holding hands,... Read More

Love & Death Bollywood tackles assisted suicide

Some of the most humanistic films currently being produced are coming out of the Mumbai, India-based Hindi-language film industry popularly known as Bollywood. A prime example is the 2010 movie Guzaarish, which tackles the subject... Read More