BOOK BY IAN MCEWAN NAN A. TALESE / DOUBLEDAY 2016 197 PP.; $24.95 THE PROTAGONIST and first-person chronicler of the British writer Ian McEwan’s new novel Nutshell is quite the worldly fellow: eloquent, erudite, cultured,... Read More

The Story of Reason in Islam

BY SARI NUSSEIBEH STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2016 288 PP.; $29.95 AS A WESTERNER for whom the intellectual history of Islam is something of a mystery, reading Sari Nusseibeh’s timely and sweeping new book was like... Read More

The Gene: An Intimate History

BOOK BY SIDDARTHA MUKHERJEE SCRIBNER, 2016 608PP.; $38.00 At first glance, The Gene: An Intimate History may not be the best book for light reading. In nearly 500 pages, with an additional hundred pages of... Read More

Book Review: Hitler’s Religion

BOOK BY RICHARD WEIKART REGNERY, 2016 352 PP. In The Man in the High Castle, Philip K. Dick's dystopian tale of Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan conquering America, a supremely rational Japanese diplomat listens... Read More

Book Review: The Secular Activist

BOOK BY DAN AREL PITCHSTONE PUBLISHING, 2016 144 PP. When Kentucky’s tourism board approved an $18 million tax incentive for Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter theme park and exhibit, many gawked. None more than Dan Arel,... Read More

Book Review: Agnostic: A Spirited Manifesto

BOOK BY LESLEY HAZELTON RIVERHEAD BOOKS, 2016 224 PP. If you want to get a spirited argument started among atheists, ask how we like to be identified—atheist, freethinker, skeptic, humanist, secular, bright—some will embrace all... Read More