The Kingstone Bible

BOOKS EDITED BY ART A. AYRIS KINGSTONE COMICS, 2016 2,053 PP. IN THREE VOLUMES, $74.99 ONE OF MY CHILDHOOD memories of United Presbyterian Sunday school is the fun I had reading full-color comics telling Bible... Read More


BOOK BY IAN MCEWAN NAN A. TALESE / DOUBLEDAY 2016 197 PP.; $24.95 THE PROTAGONIST and first-person chronicler of the British writer Ian McEwan’s new novel Nutshell is quite the worldly fellow: eloquent, erudite, cultured,... Read More

The Story of Reason in Islam

BY SARI NUSSEIBEH STANFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2016 288 PP.; $29.95 AS A WESTERNER for whom the intellectual history of Islam is something of a mystery, reading Sari Nusseibeh’s timely and sweeping new book was like... Read More

The Gene: An Intimate History

BOOK BY SIDDARTHA MUKHERJEE SCRIBNER, 2016 608PP.; $38.00 At first glance, The Gene: An Intimate History may not be the best book for light reading. In nearly 500 pages, with an additional hundred pages of... Read More