A Humanist Economics Louis Kelso and the Hope of Broadened Ownership

THOMAS PIKETTY grabbed the world’s attention last year with his magnum opus, Capital in the Twenty-first Century. In hundreds of pages of dense prose and statistics, Piketty delivers a mountain of proof for what most... Read More

The Humanist Interview with Ryan J. Bell From Seventh-day Adventist to a Year without God, a Former Pastor Embraces Humanism

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Savior? Shaman? Myth? Ink Blot? Why Christianity's Main Man Remains so Elusive

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Getting Humanism Right-Side Up A Reality-Based “Mattering Map” and Alternative Humanist Manifesto

WHAT IS HUMANISM? Some say it’s a godless worldview, a philosophy free of supernaturalism. But humanism is both more and less than that. More, because it is about affirming what we do believe, not just... Read More

Is Dying a Pro-Choice Issue? The Right-to-Die Movement Gains National Attention

“In a spirit of compassion for all, this manifesto proclaims that every competent adult has the incontestable right to humankind’s ultimate civil and personal liberty—the right to die in a manner and at a time... Read More