Smart Thinking The Humanist Approach to Addiction and Our Heritage in Psychology

JUST ABOUT EVERY WEEK for the past twenty-five years you could (and still can) find me volunteering to help those with addictions by offering secular, scientifically based alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and its offshoots.... Read More

The Humanist Interview with Naomi Oreskes Applied Science and the Merchants of Doubt

Naomi Oreskes is a professor of the history of science and an affiliated professor of earth and planetary sciences at Harvard University. She is the coauthor, with Erik M. Conway, of Merchants of Doubt, a... Read More

Film Review: Merchants of Doubt

DOCUMENTARY WRITTEN BY ROBERT KENNER AND KIM ROBERTS; DIRECTED BY ROBERT KENNER SONY PICTURES CLASSICS (2014) (USA) 93 MINUTES; PG-13 An outraged man goes to see his doctor. “Doc, you tell me I have a month... Read More

Out of Place A Boulder Church’s Path toward Denominational Realignment

IN MARCH, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the largest Presbyterian denomination in the country with 1.8 million members, announced it would start allowing its ministers to preside over same-sex wedding ceremonies. While it certainly marks a... Read More

Self-Management & Recovery Training A SMART Humanistic Approach to Addiction Recovery

“The best antidotes to addiction are joy and competence—joy as the capacity to take pleasure in the people, activities, and things that are available to us; competence as the ability to master relevant parts of... Read More

Terror in Paris Putting Charlie Hebdo in Context and Looking for a Way Out

ON JANUARY 7, 2015, two heavily armed men walked into the Paris offices of a satirical magazine called Charlie Hebdo (in English, Weekly Charlie) and methodically murdered twelve people, including the magazine’s editor, Stéphane Charbonnier... Read More