Praying for Sex

A 140-year-old organization in London called the “Catholic Truth Society” has published a new “Prayer Book for Spouses,” containing among other things a prayer to be recited by couples before engaging in sex. The prayer... Read More

No Agenda? A Humanist View of Justice Scalia

With the death Saturday of the conservative lion of the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia, we revisit David Niose's analysis of his jurisprudence and Joan Biskupic's 2009 biography, American Original: The Life and Constitution of... Read More

No, We’re Not a Broken People

In 2004 I began speaking at rallies and forums around the country on issues of peace and justice, something I’ve done off and on ever since. Up through 2008 it was extremely unusual for questions... Read More

Apex or Ex-Ape?

It’s no secret that evolution has been controversial in Christian history. But why? First, there is the clash with the literal reading of the creation stories of Genesis, namely with the time element. Genesis 1... Read More